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Company Rudolf Tomáš started its activity in 1990 as natural person and it's ranked among small companies. Close to the origin, the company was targeted the general correction of crane's trails in manufactural halls over the whole teritorry then Czechoslovak republic. Later it has begun targeting the section of industries and metal production, where general activity is bending profiles, production of folding components for furniture industry, press operator works, toolmaker works, grinding, drilling, welding and surface finishing by komaxit, in which it goes on to date.

There are 21 employees in the company and it has its customers both in inland and even in abroad, in Slovakia, in Germany or Holland.

At present we are extending production premises and we're updating production stock. The company urges for stronger position in the market by reaching higher quality and competitive advantage, renewal technologies and machines.

Our objective is solving needs and expectation of our customers and ensuring satisfaction with our products or we'll propose improving project. All our activities we're comprehend as controlled proceses. To keep up with requirements and needs of our customers, it's our tendency to improve proceses all the time in their benefit.
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